Become part of TYCA-SE

Membership in TYCA-SE has many benefits.  Whether attending the annual conference or reading the bi-annual journal, which includes articles on pedagogy and creative works written by two-year college instructors, members will find numerous and rewarding opportunities for sharing ideas and networking with others who teach college English.

Who can benefit from membership in TYCA-SE

Membership in TYCA-SE, as defined by our by-laws, is “open to all two-year college or first two years of college English teachers, administrators, and others interested in such teaching or in two-year college English programs.”

What does TYCA-SE do?

TYCA-SE is committed to:

  • Defining and exploring issues relevant to the improvement of the teaching of English in the two year colleges within its region

  • Encouraging studies and research in the teaching of English in the first two years of college

We provide opportunities for professional development by:

  • Conducting a regional conference

  • Publishing reports of regional conferences and news items of special interest to members within the region

Download the TYCA-SE Membership form here.

Where can members participate?

An annual conference:

Each year TYCA-SE holds a conference, hosted by a two-year college from one of the states within our ten state region, which provides a welcoming and stimulating environment for exploring the work we do as teachers of the first two years of college English.  TYCA-SE conferences provide a venue for discussions ranging from the impact of dual enrollment programs on our curriculum to the effect of legislative mandates on our developmental programs.  Over the years we’ve had stimulating presentations that reflect innovative teaching approaches and best practices in teaching the first two years of college English.  Engaging presentations encourage members to continue discussions at the conference and bring these discussions to their institutions.  Conference attendees return to the classroom with practical, applicable strategies ranging from collaborative learning to grading to using technology in the classroom.  The speakers invite us to examine our cultural roots as well as our professional challenges and opportunities.  TYCA-SE conferences are also places to recognize the achievements and contributions of our members.  Each year, a member is awarded the Cowan Award for their dedication to the profession and the Doster Award for service to the organization.  TYCA-SC also values and recognizes the work of adjunct and part-time English faculty, awarding the Nell Ann Pickett Award for outstanding conference presentation.

TYCA-SE conferences, however, are not just places for serious discussions.  Whether it’s a walking tour of the host city, a museum excursion, or a riverboat reception, TYCA-SE conferences always offer an opportunity for attendees to experience the hospitality of our southern region.

Why be involved?

As a regional organization, TYCA-SE is small enough so that anyone who wishes to participate can get involved.  We have members who have served nationally, who are deans, and who are heads of programs. We also have members who have spent thirty years or more in the trenches teaching those first two years of English.  Our collected experience should help guide policy instead of reacting to policy.

A Bi-yearly Journal

TYCA-SE is the only TYCA regional organization that publishes a journal.  Our editors publish our minutes from meetings and updated information for conference registration and awards nominations.  We also have a long tradition of including members’ creative and pedagogical works.  The journal is important because it allows members who can’t always attend the conference to keep up with the organization.

Social Networking

TYCA-SE has recently updated its website, with links to a blog and a Facebook page!  Check these out for requests and news from both the national TYCA representative and from our own regional members.

Regional Executive Committee

We have a very active REC that meets in Atlanta for one day in the fall and the day before the conference.  The REC includes elected and appointed officers and a representative from each state in our region.  We welcome participation on our board.

How to Become a Member

Membership in TYCA-SE runs for one year from the date of membership submission.
The organization has several types of membership, with annual membership fees based on employment status:

Regular (full-time faculty)

Graduate Student



$32 (Paypal Payment – includes $2 service charge)

$12 (Paypal Payment – includes $2 service charge)

$202 (Paypal Payment – includes $2 service charge)

Join TYCA-SE or renew your membership:

Pay by check, complete the attached form and mail with a check payable to TYCA-SE.   (The electronic, automatic submission form is no longer used for payment by check.)  Mail to the current Membership Chair.
Download membership form here.

Membership Chair:
Indigo Eriksen
North Virginia Community College, Woodbridge Campus
2645 College Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22191

We know you’ll benefit from membership in TYCA-SE, and we would be happy to provide more information.  If you have questions, please contact Indigo Eriksen at

TYCA-SE Officers

Elected Members

Chair • Tim Krason (2017-20)
Hinds Community College
PO Box 1100 • Raymond, MS 39154-1100
601-857-3901 •

Assistant Chair • Matt Simon (2016-19)
Tri-County Technical College
PO Box 587 • Pendleton, SC 29670
864-646-1445 •

Secretary • Troy Appling (2018-21)
Florida Gateway College
149 SE College Place • Lake City, FL 32025
386-754-4369 •

Treasurer • Michelle Zath (2017-20)
404-270-2961 •

Membership Chair • Indigo Eriksen (2016-19)
North Virginia Community College, Woodbridge Campus
15200 Neabsco Mills Rd • Woodbridge, VA 22191
703-878-5808 •

Awards Chair/Member-At-Large
Lakeya Jenkins (2018-21)
Piedmont Technical College
PO Box 1467 • Greenwood, SC 29646
864-941-8609 •

National TYCA Representative
Susan Slavicz (2018-21)
Florida State College at Jacksonville
11901 Beach Boulevard • Jacksonville, FL 32246
904-646-2348 •

Appointed Members

Journal Editor • Ann Nicodemi (2016-19)
Chattanooga State Community College
4501 Amnicola Highway • Chattanooga, TN 37406
423-697-5551 •

Webtender • Joel Henderson (2017-20)
Chattanooga State Community College
4501 Amnicola Highway • Chattanooga, TN 37406-1097
423-697-4403 •

Meeting Planner • Meg Matheny (2018-21)
Jefferson Community & Technical College, Southwest
1000 Community College Drive • Louisville, KY 40272
502-213-7244 •

Nominating Committee Chair • Jennifer Duncan
Perimeter College at Georgia State University
555 North Indian Creek • Clarkson, GA 30021
422-310-4822 •

Archivist • Cynthia Whittington (2014-17)
Hinds Community College
PO Box 1100 • Raymond, MS 39154-1100
601-857-3234 •

Historian • Beverly Fatherree (2015-18)
Hinds Community College
PO Box 1100 • Raymond, MS 39154-1100
601-925-5923 •

2019 Conference Chairs

Local Arrangements

David Huffman
Southwest Tennessee Community College
5983 Macon Cove • Memphis, TN 38134
901-333-4408 •


Doug Branch
Southwest Tennessee Community College
5983 Macon Cove • Memphis, TN 38134
901-333-4483 •

Officer Positions

There are three basic categories of positions on the Regional Executive Committee (REC). What does each involve?

Any member in good standing in TYCA-SE may hold any office in TYCA-SE. REC members are also required to be members in good standing of NCTE and TYCA National. The term for any office is three years, with the opportunity to serve an additional term. After a one year respite, an individual may begin another 3/6 years in the same position. All officers are required to attend two meetings of the REC each year. One is held in September, usually in Atlanta, which is our geographic center and easy to reach. Generally, it is a one day meeting. The second REC meeting is the Wednesday preceding the conference in February. A report of each officer is required at each meeting with an electronic copy sent to the editor of the journal.

I. The REC consists of six members who are in an elected position for three years. The members are elected in a staggered order so that only two officers are chosen each year. The positions consist of: Chair, Assistant Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, and Awards Chair. The membership elects the individuals to the REC and then the members of the REC elect the actual positions. Individuals may serve two terms of three years. The individual must be elected to the actual position on the REC each year.

II. The state representatives are voting members of the REC and are elected for a three year term by their state members and may be re-elected for a second term.

III. There are also appointed positions and are for three years with the opportunity to be reappointed. The TYCA-SE Liason representative to NCTE/TYCA National is appointed by the REC and approved by the membership. The Journal Editor(s) is/ are selected by the REC. Other positions include the Meeting Planner, Archivist, Advertising Manager, Adjunct and Diversity Liaison, Web Tender, and Conference Chairs. The Nominating Committee members (3 members) are elected on the floor of the Conference and serve a one year term.

Click on any of the positions below to get a better understanding of the position details and responsibilities:

Assistant Chair 
Membership Chair 
Awards Chair 
State Representatives 
TYCA-SE Liaison
Meeting Planner 
Advertising Manager 
Adjunct & Diversity Liaison
Web Tender 

TYCA-SE Representatives

Alabama • OPEN

Florida • Lisa Shaw (2016-19)
Miami-Dade College
11380 NW 27th Ave • Miami, FL 33167-3495
305-237-1766 •

Georgia • Deborah Byrd (2016-19)
Newton Perimeter College at Georgia State University
239 Cedar Lane• Covington, GA 30014
770-278-1349 •

Kentucky • Laura Dearing (2017-20)
Jefferson Community & Technical College
1000 Community College Drive • Louisville, KY 40272
502-553-9080 •

Mississippi • Gaye Winter (2017-20)
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
PO Box 548 • Perkinston, MS 39573
601-394-3421 •

North Carolina• Heather Barnett (2017-20)
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
2855 Hickory Blvd. • Hudson, NC 28638

South Carolina • Ashley Buzzard (2016-19)
Midlands Technical College
PO Box 2408 • Columbia, SC 29202
803-822-3305 •

Tennessee • Erica Lux (2018-21)
Chattanooga State Community College
4501 Amnicola Highway • Chattanooga, TN 37406-1097
423-697-3233 •

Virginia • Emily Miller (2016-18)
North Virginia Community College
8333 Little River Turnpike • Annandale, VA 22003
571-344-1945 •

West Virginia • Eliot Parker (2018-21)
Mountwest Community and Technical College
Huntington, WV 25701
304-710-3449 •